SharePoint Apps Introduction #2 |Hosting models in SharePoint Apps

There are mainly two hosting models which are “SharePoint Hosted” and “Cloud Hosted”. Cloud hosted model is subdivided into two models as “Provider Hosted” and “Auto-hosted.”

SharePoint hosted Apps

  • Contains only client side code and resources such as web pages and JavaScript’s etc.
  • Severed up entirely by SharePoint environment

Cloud hosted App hosting

  • As mentioned, there are two variations in this those are provider-hosted and auto-hosted
  • Both types has associated “remote web” which host app-start page and required resources
  • Capable of hosting custom database to store app specific data

Provider hosted apps

  • Provider hosted apps with multi-tenancy creates complexity
  • This separates app data from tenancy, so that user in an one tenancy cant access data in a separate tenancy (which is good for policies)
  • Comparatively more cost and time to develop apps in provider hosted apps

Auto hosted apps

  • No involvement with scalability and data isolation which was there in the provider hosted development (No worries ☺)
  • Only supported in O365(online cloud), but no idea whether this will introduced to On-premise apps
  • O365 provided SharePoint where Windows Azure hosts “remote web” and provides SQL Azure database on demand

Advantages of Auto hosted

  • Lowe development cost compared to provider hosted apps
  • Less complex
  • Data isolation




#SPTechInspirit #1 What | Why SharePoint

As first post on this series, though of starting from the elementary basics which are what and why. Briefly post will be focusing on below;

What is SharePoint?

Why SharePoint?

Why need SharePoint rather than moving to developing from the scratch approach? 

SharePoint is a platform for developers and professionals where mostly focuses on business content.

SharePoint serve as a platform you to design and develop business solutions.

Currently SharePoint available as both On-promise (Host SharePoint locally) and subscription based service (Office 365)

Main advantage if you moved to develop with SharePoint is its OOTB (Out of The Box) features it contains. As a example, if you develop with other development model you may need to develop and concentrate on authentication, administration, deployment, maintenance and etc. But In the SharePoint it ready made, you need to concentrate on those minimally.


SOAP ( Simple Object Access Protocol ) – Introduction

SOAP provides a way to communicate between applications running on different operating systems,
with different technologies and programming languages.

stands for Simple Object Access Protocol
a communication protocol
communication between applications
format for sending messages
communicates via Internet
platform & language independent
based on XML

Syntax Rules
Here are some important syntax rules:
A SOAP message MUST be encoded using XML
A SOAP message MUST use the SOAP Envelope namespace
A SOAP message MUST use the SOAP Encoding namespace
A SOAP message must NOT contain a DTD reference
A SOAP message must NOT contain XML Processing Instructions

<?xml version=”1.0″?>