SalesForce Architecture

So If you refereed above to pages, you may realized how fast its to build App with some drag and drop actions. To enforce that salesforce definitely need to have proper architecture within it.

The Salesforce architecture.

  • Trusted Multitenant Cloud: At Salesforce, trust is our #1 priority, which is why our trusted, multitenant cloud is our foundation for everything we build.
  • Scalable, Metadata Platform: The secret sauce of our platform is its metadata-driven architecture. All customizations in theSalesforce schema, including code, configuration, apps, and more, are specified as metadata. In our architecture, we keep your metadata layer separate from our services layer, which allows us to give you seamless, easy upgrades.
  • Fast App Dev & Customization: That scalable metadata layer is what helps you go faster and get live quicker.
  • Largest Enterprise Ecosystem: Our partners in our ecosystem understand the value of that secret sauce, and this is a big part of the reason so many of them build on our platform.
  • Complete CRM: So what goes on top of all of this? Complete CRM functionality, so you can support your sales, service, analytics, marketing, community, and apps needs on our trusted platform.
  • API: Finally, we wrap it all up with a powerful suite of APIs, which allow you to develop and customize, and also give us the power to create things like the Salesforce1 Mobile App (more on this later).