SharePoint Framework Tooling | Web Stack tooling

“SharePoint framework is all about typical web stack tooling”

Node.Js Hosting platform
Yeoman Generates templates
Gulp Task management and automation
TypeScript Typed JS
VS Code Source editor..or you can select any other
AngularJS/ Ember JS/ ReactJs/ Knockout..etc Client side framework

You can be selected client side framework as your preference. Angular and Ember is full option frameworks. If you are a less experienced or finding for lightweight frameworks React or Knockout would be better preferences.

SharePoint Framework tooling Legacy SharePoint tooling
Node.js IIS/ .Net framework
Gulp MS Build
Yeoman Visual Studio template selector
TypeScript C#

You can use any source editor as your preference. If you are mostly coupled with Visual studio you may need to install ‘node.js’ on it. If you free to develop with any development environment; VS code, Sublime, Brackets, Notepad++ ..etc are options.


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