Introduction to SharePoint Framework| Rise of new SP development model

Introduction to SharePoint Framework

  • SharePoint Framework for client-side development, easy integration with the Microsoft Graph and support for open source tooling. It’s purely concentrated on integration of modern UX(User Experience) with SharePoint.
  • As for announcements, this available since 3rd quarter of 2016
  • Allow developers to make use of the latest JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular. This opens doors towards open source development on SharePoint rather than sticking on to Windows and Visual studio.
  • provides dramatically better experiences, performance, mobile support and more while broadening SharePoint developer ecosystem from .NET and beyond
  • Available for existing SharePoint sites and can be include client side web parts into SharePoint pages.
  • This introduces new page experience including page structure.

What includes in SharePoint Framework?

  • Capable of including enterprise mobility..responsive and also scale well with any device
  • Deep customization is highly capable..since more tooling and libraries can be used
  • Expands potential of SharePoint and Microsoft Graph API
  • Enabled for both cloud (O365) or on on-premise

Why another model?

  • Despite the different forms of add-ins the model has some limitations, one of which is the use of iframes for integrating add-ins on pages.
  • Modern SharePoint UX along with all its components, uses responsive web design
  • Its another tool for your toolbox, its upto you to pick the best for your job
  • Modern team sites look great and offer improved user experience in the mobile-first world

When you should use SharePoint Framework?

whenever you want to extend the capabilities of the modern team sites, solutions based on the SharePoint Framework are your only option

It is the only SharePoint development model that works with modern SharePoint sites.

Its backward compatible (works well in both modern and classic)

For example, if you were to build a Web Part that interacts with the Microsoft Graph, you could build a 100% client-side solution using Angular, ADAL JS and OAuth implicit flow.


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